Alexandra Ursea

Alexandra Ursea

OPEN TO WORK . Markham, Canada

I am an experienced professional with more than 15 years’ extensive experience in Information Technology, more than 10 years progressive experience in Software Development including team, leadership, consulting, agile transformation, coaching, project and product management.

Throughout my career, I have worn many hats lately becoming a Scrum Master.

Through these experiences, I had the opportunity to navigate complex challenges, manage multiple projects and support organizations with their agile transformation or adoption. I coached teams and clients on the agile mindset, principles and practices. I supported them adopt various frameworks and employed flexible approaches to create a safe environment in which they could thrive.

I am a servant leader with focus on team building, people development and creating safe environments based on trust. Passionate about agile values, principles and practices and helping organizations transcend the mainstream thinking into something continuously new. A strong promoter and believer in an adaptive mindset, employees’ empowerment and experimentation by utilizing flexible approaches to create the best environment for teams and allow them to thrive.