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TL; DR: The vACB21’s Schedule, Session Proposals, Technology, and Workshops

The Agile Camp Berlin 2021 will be a virtual event from May 27-29, 2021. Get your vACB21 ticket now!

We will spend three energizing days from 1 pm to 7 pm CEST at a live virtual Barcamp using open space technology principles and practices. The general conference language is English; sessions in other languages are welcome!

πŸ“… πŸ–₯ Virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2021 β€”Β May 27-29, 2021 β€”Β vACB21 β€” Hosted by Berlin Product People GmbH

Read on and learn about the organization of the virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2021, its preliminary schedule, from your session proposals to session planning to the essential technology to enjoy the best possible experience.

Get Your vACB21 Ticket now!

You can secure your Virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2021 ticket directly here. As a live virtual Barcamp, the number of participants is limited to 200 people:

If you are planning to purchase several tickets on behalf of your company, please contact us by email.

Please Spread the Word

We need your support to get the word out: Please help us spread the news of the virtual Agile Camp Berlin 2021; it will be more fun for everyone if more of our peers attend. As with previous events, ticket prices will only cover costs.

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