Gözde Berberoglu Özen

Gözde Berberoglu Özen

Agile Coach . Berlin, Germany

I've been working as an Agile Coach in Delivery Hero since July 2020.

I was a user interface developer in a fast-paced agencies and media company in Istanbul. I was asked a life-changing question: “Would you like to be Scrum Master for your team?” I'm a team player and a people person so I accepted and loved it! During years I discovered that I really like this mindset and I wanted to learn more then I become an Agile Coach for my next career.

I’m passionate about music. I compose music for games, theatre play, radio show, and for myself :) I’m a human of two lovely cats called Semih and Totoro. I grow some vegetables on my balcony.

The fun fact about me is that I never sit on my bed with an outfit that is worn outside the house.