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Evidence-based Interventions

by Viktor Cessan

Evidence-based Interventions

When we, as managers or coaches, are asked to work with a system, there’s always more to a situation than meets the eye. In this presentation I take you through common requests I’ve gotten as an agile coach, and I contrast the initial request and understanding with what we discovered was actually going on, and what we did. I also share some tips for anyone working with systems in their day to day work.

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Hi! I’m Viktor Cessan!

I do Systems and Agile coaching and I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been working with Agile for 14 years across a range of teams, companies, and industries. I’ve coached systems and agile at Spotify, King Games, Viaplay, Avanza Bank, and H&M, and am currently coaching at Ikea.

I run the popular blog ‘The Agile Coach’s Guide To The Galaxy,’ and am the co-host of the systems coaching podcast ‘The Law of Jam.’

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Podcast ‘The Law of Jam.’