Agile Behaviours, Patterns and Antipatterns

by Markus Hippeli

Did you ever ask yourself what Agile has in common with your Dad’s old Ford Cortina? It may sound surprising but this is a question of more relevance than you might think….

Agility targets a business problem. Good! Agility is culture. Very good! This means change. Good, but demanding and not always easy. Agile has grown up and has come a long way and the Agile manifesto celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Agile is a success story.

The problem: Culture has a life of its own and this may turn out to be good or bad. And over time many different definitions and understandings of Agile have come to life. In this talk, we look at certain patterns of Agile and how they evolved over time. Without saying too much: Sometimes we may end up in hell even with best intentions…. So what happened here over the years? Did Agile take a wrong turn or is it just me growing old?