Implementing the Prime Directive – Boost your Agile Coaching with Internal Family Systems (IFS)

by Theresa Lankes

Target group: Everyone interested in deepening their understanding of the human psyche and working 1:1 with people. It is for people who want to learn more about how to implement the Prime Directive, assuming best intention at all times.

Objective: Explain the basics of Internal Family Systems, an approach in psychotherapy that is very easy to use in coaching oneself and others in 1:1 setting, especially if you want to implement the Prime Directive. We learn the basics of Internal Family Systems with exercises in-between to ensure participants can immediately apply the concept to their own lives.

Using 1-2-4-All participants apply the concept to an example from their work-life. You map your own parts regarding the goal or project in that example and the parts you assume with one other person. For instance, you have a conversation with your PO about Product Backlog Refinement. Then you map your own parts that come up in the conversation, and those parts you assume are at the steering wheel withing your PO.

Outro: ROTI - explain the concept of Return on Time Invested and let people share their number in the miro board.