Virtual Team Development for Agile Teams

by Erik Schumb

The formal efforts to develop a Team that has been used in the past years do not work well in our special times with C19 and virtual settings. In many teams team development has even been completely skipped for the worse of team performance. In Agile Teams there might be a Scrum Master or a comparable servant leader acting by default equipped with a great Scrum-focused toolset to develop a Sprint-team. However looking at the education of Scrum Masters there is hardly a tool taught which explicitly addresses topics like team conflicts, team coaching or a formal sustainable team development.

Depending on the individual background of a Scrum Master such topics are more or less addressed whilst having an immense effect on the velocity and performance of the team in sprint.

Overall: recent team trends like a simultaneous belonging to multiple teams, search for purpose, agile working, search for psychological trust etc. require a new type of team development which works similar to the new types of teams (Agile Teams, StartUps, Sprint Teams, etc.): digital, distributed and therefore a-synchronous and synchronous, agile, iterative, heterogeny, inclusive and with purpose.

Please be invited to this interactive session in which you will experience a new but proven kind of team development which exactly promises and delivers that. With a minimum time effort a great level of psychological trust can be achieved towards a better collaboration in the team. Furthermore it supports the self-actualization of both the individual team members and the whole team.

To make this session more interactive and beneficial for you I search for 5 – 7 participants who are willing to actively contribute to the team simulation that I intend to run with you. This would require an a-synchronous preparation with an estimated effort of 15 – 60 minutes from you and includes:

  • a short, effective online self-assessment (note: anonymous – you would only disclose from you what you want, using an alias-name you chose).
  • a few standard exercises for self-exploration which will be run on a Mural board.

In case you are interested: please drop me an email to schumb@agilesprints.space (subject line: Agile Camp Berlin / volunteer team simulation ) and I will provide you with further instructions. As we will run the session on Friday May 28th from 2 pm to 3.30 pm CET it would be great to have your response asap – and you should be able to have the self-assessment and Mural board completed by Thursday May 27the latest.

If you want to get a glimpse on what to expect beforehand please visit https://allstarteams.com/.