Super-vision For Agile Professionals

by Amaranatho Robey

This workshop aims to introduce coaching supervision to the agile community in an experiential way. It is based on reflective dialogue and collaborative learning. It is a way of developing yourself personally and professionally, in the facilitation of groups, teams, serious games and coaching people one to one.

Supervision can conjure up images of an authority figure leaning over your shoulder and telling you what to do, which it is not. I prefer the words Super-Vision, you might like to see it as similar to pair programming for the agility mindset.

Coaching super-vision is a way to improve your relational skills, explore ethical, boundary, management, interpersonal and systemic issues. Many of these themes have been highlighted in the Agile Alliance’s development of an ethical code of conduct. It provides a safe and non-judgemental space to explore these themes.

You are expected to be able to share your emotion, be able to reflect on your own experience, welcome constructive feedback and bring an example of what you struggle with.

To attend this workshop, you must be actively coaching people or teams.